Mrs. Nel travels to Sweden

In term one The Glen High School had the privilege of hosting and entertaining a group of Swedish students for a day – read the full article here:

This time the roles were reversed and our principal, Mrs. Nel, had the privilege to travel to Karlskrona, Sweden for an educational collaboration with Af Chapmangymnasiet Upper Secondary School.

Three principals from Pretoria traveling to Karlskrona, Sweden.

Af Chapmangymnasiet Upper Secondary School is absolutely beautiful and The Glen can only dream of having such beautiful facilities.  

Front and back views of Af Chapman School

Af Chapman School Hall

Exam venue at Af Chapman

The principals were delighted to find out that the Swedish learners host a concert that includes Mpho, a South African artist.

Although this trip was strictly meant for business; the principals took time to do some sightseeing and tried to acclimate to Sweden spring season.

Principals working

This is what summer homes look like in Sweden

4 Principals from South Africa trying to acclimatized to Sweden spring season.