About us

The Glen High School is a public English medium co-educational high school situated in the suburb of Waterkloof Glen in Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa, providing a modern secondary, academic education for children living primarily in the natural feeder area of the school so as to afford them the opportunity of achieving the highest standards in all of their activities. It’s one of the top and most academic schools in Gauteng. The school has around 1,200 pupils.


Our Story

The rapid eastward expansion of Pretoria in the seventies led to the establishment by the Transvaal Education Department of The Glen High School in 1976. The name of the School selected by the parents had a profound influence on the identity of the School.

The use of the thistle as the School badge was a logical outcome of this name. Other Scottish connections soon followed: the use of clans instead of houses; the wearing of kilts and tartan ties.

The final coat-of-arms accepted in 1996 was a repetition of the thistle and the incorporation of the main School and clan colours. The motto, Urram, is Gaelic for A Respect with Honour.

The rivalry on the sports fields soon became very keen. The two main trophies are the Inter-clan Athletics shield and the Clan-of-the-Year shield, which embraces all academic and extramural activities at the School. The competition that most strongly underlines the character of each clan is the cultural evenings presented each year.

In the early years the only facility we had was the gymnasium. Only after the Education Department leveled the terrain in 1980 could the School build further facilities. Very soon the tennis courts were constructed, the playing fields laid out, the shooting range built and the cricket nets erected.

The first big single project was the swimming pool followed by the spectacular Indoor Sports Centre. This centre provided three squash courts, four change rooms, three sports storerooms, a kitchenette and areas for hospitality and other activities.

Various smaller projects followed and plans to improve and expand facilities form part of the school’s overall development plan.

The most impressive addition to our facilities was the expansion of the Administration Block in 1995. Additional offices and a boardroom were added and the reception area was enlarged and improved.

The new reception facilities, which double up as a foyer for the School hall, provide a very attractive and relaxing area for visitors and pupils alike. Together, the School hall and foyers form the heart and soul of the School.

In 1996 an additional 30 computers, using the latest technology, were installed. Over the years computers have been introduced in the Media Centre and in the administration of the School.


We are driven by values

Being values-driven means more than the school’s expectations of behavior internally. It means that you make decisions based on your values, that your values are a core part of how you operate as an individual. 

But being driven by values doesn’t mean we should only have learners who think and speak the same way. Instead, it means we are bonded by common goals and overarching philosophies that manifest in different ways and adapt to circumstances. 

At TGHS learners follow the School’s rules and regulations set out in the Code of Conduct that is signed by each leaner at the start of every year.