Newsletter December 2023

As we approach the close of another remarkable year at The Glen High School, we find ourselves
reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve shared with learners, dedicated educators, supportive
parents, and the indispensable School Governing Body. This year has presented its unique set of
challenges, but together, we have overcome obstacles and celebrated numerous achievements,
making it a testament to the resilience, determination, and collaborative spirit that defines our school
I extend my heartfelt thanks to our exceptional learners, whose unwavering commitment to academic
excellence, creativity, and personal growth continually inspires us. My gratitude also goes to the
dedicated educators who, through their passion and tireless efforts, have guided and nurtured our
learners throughout the academic year. Additionally, I express my appreciation to the parents for your
continuous support and partnership in the education of your children. Finally, I extend my sincere
thanks to the School Governing Body for their leadership and commitment to ensuring the continued
success and growth of The Glen High School. A special word of thanks and acknowledgement is
extended to Mr. Mhlambo who has served the SGB for a number of years. As we bid farewell to 2023,
let us look forward to a new year filled with even greater accomplishments and shared triumphs.

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